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John Galvao-Rogers
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Treatment Room, Surgery, Avalon Clinic


- Think different to make a difference -




Hello! My name is John Galvao-Rogers. This is a little information on me and my healing philosophy:


I have been studying and practising Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural methods of healing for over 20 years, after working in the NHS as a Biomedical Scientist.

My work with western medicine began to open my eyes to its lack of patient empathy, poor disease prevention and the huge influence of the pharmaceutical industry - which puts profits above real doctoring.


This pushed me to seek out my true calling, in thinking different to make a difference! 

I studied alternative medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and established my clinic - The Avalon Clinic in 2001. I have seen almost 3,000 patients in that time. This has been hugely rewarding.

I have helped many with long-term or ‘incurable’ problems, such as psoriasis, chronic fatigue syndrome, insomnia, side-effects from western cancer treatments and have recommendations from all over the world.

Not working for a large company with vested interests allows me to research and improve integrative medicine. Something that most GP’s do not have the time or motivation to do. 


My direction has been influenced by my interest in Buddhism and complementary and alternative medicine. I am a friend of a vihara and regularly practise Vipassana mindfulness meditation. Everyone should take a moment every day to stop worrying and focus the mind. Start the journey!


Doctorate in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Beijing).


Advanced Certificate in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (Hong Kong / UK).

Acupuncture in Cosmetology Diploma.


VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Thai Massage.

Member Practitioner of the Chinese Herbal Association (MPCHA, Hong Kong).

Member Practitioner of the Acupuncture Association (MPAcA, Hong Kong).

Member of the Hong Kong Acupuncture Association (MHKAcA, Hong Kong).

Yin Yang, Harmony
Fees / Prices

I do not charge for the first consultation, only for treatment. I am happy to do this as your time is valuable and  I want you to be happy with the concepts of TCM and natural healing before continuing.  


Sessions are not fixed in length, as everybody’s health is different and may have different requirements! 


Please click on the right for more information.

Acupuncture Session​


Herbal Medicine

£50 - £70

Cosmetic Acupuncture​

£50 - £70​

Thai Yoga Massage

£40 - £60​

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