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I am excited to offer Thai Massage as I feel it compliments my work in healing the body and mind. 


It is a wonderful way to release stress, recover from workouts, become grounded and reconnect with the moment.

When I first experienced this many moons ago, it had a transformative effect on my body. I knew I wanted to learn this art and apply it in my clinic! 


Thai Massage is a unique form of bodywork, a series of rhythmic stretching movements and compression of muscles.

It is not really massage as is known in the west. It is more correctly described as Thai Yoga Bodywork as many of the movements relate to yoga postures.

I relate it to meditation for both the client and the practitioner -  the rhythmic movements allow the mind to settle and become aware of the body, in a way that does not happen in our busy daily lives.

All the major muscle groups and limbs are worked. Stretching and traction improve flexibility and mobility. Muscles become relaxed, blood circulation is improved.

Pressure points on 10 energy lines (called Sen in Thai Medicine) are stimulated. This clears blocked energy and slow blood flow, improving energy and allowing the body to heal itself. 


The movements help you become aware of tension, stiffness and any problem areas in the body. This promotes the connection between the mind and body. Breathing becomes relaxed and in tune with the movements and practitioner, much like Tai Chi or Chi Kung.

Better breathing becomes more natural, using the belly and filling the lungs more efficiently.

This breathing improves mental clarity and concentration, reduces the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and balances the sleep hormone, melatonin.


Toxins are cleared and flushed out of the system. For this reason, it is important to drink water during and after a session.  


Thai Massage is performed on a mat on the floor with both client and practitioner dressed comfortable and loose, allowing ease of movement.


At my clinic, I use traditional Thai kapok mats and cushions which are especially comfortable and supportive. 

Sen Energy Lines
Energy lines (Sen) in Thai Massage
Ancient Sen Lines Drawing

Much like other Eastern arts, its origins are long and rooted in healing and philosophy.


Some 2,500 years ago Buddhism, Yoga, Ayurveda and traditional medicine, all contributed to the development of Thai massage.

Buddhist priests and medical practitioners brought knowledge and text written in Pali from India and established the concepts in temples. 


It was therefore only practised by the Buddhist monks, but its proper foundation came by a Doctor called Shivago Komarpaj.

He is known as the spiritual father of Thai massage and was even a personal physician to the Buddha himself.


The knowledge was passed on through practice and written on stone tablets. Much of these were destroyed in 1767. Only a few still exist in the beautiful Wat Po temple in Bangkok, and is a must-see if you ever visit Thailand!

Dr Shivago Komarpaj 
Founder of Thai Yoga Massage
Dr Shivago

Thai Massage: 30 minute session: £40


Full Session (1 hour - 1 hour 30 mins recommended!): £60


Home visits in the local London area:  

30 mins: £45.  Full session: £65.   


Please email or call for availability as sessions fill up quickly (a few days in advance).

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